Brixton, South London
At Chelsea School of Art 1951-53, 1955-58 under Prunella Clough, Robert Medley, Ceri Richards and Jack Smith, where he won the Morland Lewis Travelling Scholarship Second Prize in 1956, First Prize in 1958. LCC Major County Scholarship in Art
At University of London Institute of Higher Education 1958-59, Birmingham School of Art Education 1970-71

Part time in London comprehensive and grammar schools 1960-66

Head of Art, Solihull Grammar School 1967-60
Lecturer, Thomas Huxley College of Education 1971-74
Senior Lecturer, Thomas Huxley College of Education 1974-79
Head of Art, Central Wandsworth Adult Education Institute, 1979-80
Head of Art, Morley College, 1981-91
Part time lecturer, Tate Gallery. 1992
At John Moores, Liverpool 1961
One Man Shows
University Of Birmingham, 1972
Queen Mary Gallery, 1975
Cockpit Theatre Gallery, 1975
Brunel University, 1977
Thomas Huxley College, 1978
Morley Gallery, 1988
University of Surrey, 1991
Morley Gallery, 1993
West Dean College, 1993
The Custard Factory, Birmingham, 1995
West Dean College, 1995
Questors Theatre, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002
Friends House, 1999
A Quaker
He is married with 4 children.